Terracotta Panel Wall Cladding

Terracotta panels are an excellent alternative to traditional facade materials like stone, granite, marble, metal composite panels and others. Panels are extruded natural clay tiles, suited particularly for high rise buildings.

  •   No breakage with expansion and/or contraction
  •   Building façade stays new for decades
  •   Moisture/Graffiti/Stain resistant
  •   Replaces plaster and paint
  •   Complete accessories for corners, junctions with other materials
  •   Vertical and horizontal orientation of tiles for perfect designs
  •   Rattle-free cladding due to unique spring clip accessory
  •   Resist wind loads at high elevations
  •   Rainscreen pocket to protect facades
  •   Good thermal insulation values
  •   LEED contribution
  •   Vibrant standard colours; custom wood shades possible

Gallery – Terracotta Panel Wall Cladding